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Holland America Koningsdam w/1-night Pre or Post Cruise Hotel & discounted Airfare w/transfers from $79
$3,999 for an Inside Cat L Stateroom
$4,899 for an Oceanview Category F Stateroom
$5,999 for a Balcony Category VD Stateroom
$6,399 for a Balcony Category VB Stateroom
$9,799 for a Suite Category B Stateroom
plus discounted airfare w/transfers from $79!

Depart on a 45 Day/44 Night Voyage of the Americas aboard one of Holland America's newest ships, Koningsdam. This cruise will visit 11 countries and Circumnavigate South America through Cape Horn's Straight of Magellan.

Travel & See: Depart from Ft Lauderdale; Barbados; Devils Island; Equator Crossing; Fortalenza, Recife & Rio de Janeiro Brazil; Montevideo Uruguay; Buenos Aires (2 days), Puerto Montt Argentina; Straight of Magellan Passage; Chilean Fjords (2 days); San Antonio/Santiago Chile; Callo/Lima Peru; Puerto Caldera/Puntarenas Costa Rica; Corinto Nicaragua; Puerto Quetzal Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta Mexico before arriving in San Diego.

SO MUCH Is Included! ~ Discounted Airfare Add on Cities from just $79 ~ 44 night cruise, 1-nt Pre or Post Hotel w/taxes & Full Breakfasts included ~ FREE Post Departure Travel Protection PLUS Optional Cancellation Protection and Cancel For ANY Reason options ~and so much more!
This is one of the GREAT travel experiences of the world at a VALUE that cannot be beat. You travel a complete circumnavigation around South America. This Cruise Tour is the ABSOLUTE BEST VALUE for a first-class experience. This is the ONLY 2020 departure so we recommend you act fast!


TRIP ITINERARY: March 14, 2020

Low-cost Domestic Air to Miami/Ft Lauderdale
Fly from Select USA cities to Miami/Ft Lauderdale (other cities on request). Your Choice of overnight in Miami/Ft Lauderdale pre-cruise or San Diego post cruise

Day 1 | EmbarkHolland America Koningsdam
depart on your 45 day, 44 night S. America Circumnavigation from Ft Lauderdale, around Cape Horn, and ending in San Diego

Day 2 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 3 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 4 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 5 | Bridgetown, Barbados | 8am - 6pm
The historic center of Bridgetown, the country's capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its wealth of British colonial architecture dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Barbados is only 34 kilometers (21 miles) long, and even a day on this beautiful island is enough to explore much of the island using Bridgetown as your base. The less populated, rugged east coast of this coral island is strikingly beautiful and home to a number of different turtle species. The west coast, often nicknamed the "Platinum Coast," is where you'll find some of the island's most popular beaches and biggest mansions. The interior, with its 340-meter-high (1,115-foot-high) Mount Hillaby, historic sugar plantations and lush gardens, will lure you away from the beach for a few hours.

Day 6 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 7 | Devils Island, French Guiana | 10am - 6pm
Devil's Island was home to one of the most infamous‐and impregnable‐prisons of the 19th and 20th centuries. Opened in 1852, it received worldwide renown in the mid-1890s when French military captain Alfred Dreyfus was sentenced to life imprisonment after being wrongly convicted of selling military secrets to Germany. During it's operation from 1852-1963, more than 80,000 political prisoners and hardened criminals endured years of mistreatment and abuse among disease-ridden conditions. Few were able to escape, though Henri Charriere, author of the book Papillon, allegedly succeeded by filling sacks with coconuts in order to float to the mainland. The prison was officially closed in 1953. In 1965, the French government transferred responsibility of the island to the Guiana Space Centre, and in recent years, tourism facilities have been added. Devil's Island and its two smaller neighboring islands receive more than 50,000 visitors each year.

Day 8 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 9 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA & Equator Crossing

Day 10 | Fortaleza, Brazil | 8am - 6pm
Fortaleza, is by any measure a big city‐with more than 3 million residents, it is Brazil's fifth-largest metropolis. It's a place where life is focused on the coast in a way that recalls Miami, with high-rise apartments that overlook 26 kilometers (16 miles) of Atlantic Ocean beaches, and with endless promenades where families stroll and stop to eat at seaside cafes. Fortaleza also has many historic 1920s pastel buildings in its commercial heart; many have been renovated and are now home to restaurants and bars. Northeastern Brazil's country style of music and dance, forro, is hugely popular here and has picked up fans around the world. Finally, founded in the early '90s, the city's vast greenbelt, Coco Park, is another pleasant spot to stroll, with its boatable mangrove swamps that help cool the tropical city.

Day 11 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 12 | Recife, Brazil | 8am - 5pm
You'll hear the phrase "Venice of Brazil" thrown around a lot in the Brazilian city of Recife. And for good reason. Vast mangrove swamps and waterways are integrated right into the fabric of city life, meaning you'll often find yourself on a bridge, a causeway or a boat. In spite of its nickname, it wasn't Italians but other Europeans who shaped this city's history. The Portuguese founded it in 1537, while the Dutch ruled briefly in the 17th century and left their mark on the architecture. Customs, cuisine and music in this northeastern coastal city are so different from Rio and Sao Paulo that you might as well be in another country. Recife has distinct neighborhoods, including an old colonial core with buildings in various states of preservation. In the Boa Viagem district, where at low tide you can see the reefs that gave the city its name, a seafront boardwalk stretches for eight miles a favorite spot for locals to jog and bike. Recife's nearby sister city of Olinda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site popular with visitors for its hilltop views, stunning Baroque buildings, walkable cobblestoned streets and world-famous carnaval."

Day 13 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 14 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 15 | Rio De Janeiro | 8am - 10pm
Some cities need no introduction, and even fewer cities live up to their reputation the way Rio de Janeiro does. This huge seaside city in Brazil is known for its famed Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado and for Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite peak with cable cars to its summit. The city is also known for its sprawling favelas (shanty towns). Its raucous Carnaval festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba dancers, is considered the world's largest.

Day 16 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 17 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 18 | Montevideo, Uruguay | 8am - 6pm
Uruguay's capital, Montevideo, often gets overshadowed by her larger, flashier sister across the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires. Montevideo has a surprising mix of neighborhoods. The Ciudad Vieja, with its grid of streets on a peninsula separating the Rio de la Plata from the harbor, is the colonial heart. Long neglected, it has recently undergone a renaissance restaurants, bars and clubs are opening in historic buildings that have been meticulously restored. Montevideo's downtown is a treasure trove of Art Deco buildings, while the newer eastern suburbs may evoke Miami for visitors. Gleaming skyscrapers and open-air cafes overlook stunning beaches that run for miles."

Day 19 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | 8am - Overnight
Buenos Aires is Argentina's big, cosmopolitan capital city. Its center is the Plaza de Mayo, lined with stately 19th-century buildings including Casa Rosada, the iconic, balconied presidential palace. Other major attractions include Teatro Colon, a grand 1908 opera house with nearly 2,500 seats, and the modern MALBA museum, displaying Latin American art.

Day 20 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Overnight - 5pm
Enjoy your second day in Buenos Aires with the locals. Portenos as the locals are called may be of Spanish, Italian, Jewish or Middle Eastern descent; that mix of cultures is reflected in the city's dialect, foods and pastimes. Looking beyond the city's sights, Buenos Aires is known as the birthplace of tango, and while the music and dance never quite went away, today tango is making a resurgence. Fans come here from around the world to take part in or watch the milongas (dance events). Argentines are world leaders in polo as well, and as the sport captures the interest of more and more travelers, hunky players like Nacho are gaining global celebrity.

Day 21 | Cruising - DAY AT SEAA

Day 22 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 23 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 24 | Punta Arenas, Chile & Straight of Magellan | 8am - 8pm
If Punta Arenas exudes an "edge of the world" air, it's not without reason. This windblown city near Chile's southernmost tip sits on the Strait of Magellan, which itself is positioned squarely between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Too many travelers rush through Punta Arenas, treating it as a pit stop on their way to the stunningly beautiful landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park and other attractions in Patagonia, but there's plenty in this city and its environs to experience, too. From penguin spotting on Isla Magdalena and kayaking the Strait of Magellan to visiting area farms and then indulging in surf-and-turf specialties (here meaning fresh seafood and asado, or Chilean barbecue) at local restaurants, Punta Arenas is worth a stopover all its own.

Day 25 | Cruising Chilean Fjords
Much like the Norwegian coastline, the west coast of Chile is sliced by dramatic inlets, or fjords, lined with rugged mountains and glacier‐covered valleys. This spectacular stretch of coastline starts near the Reloncavì Estuary (roughly halfway down the long spine of Chile) and extends south to the very end of the continent, at Tierra del Fuego. It's a distance of some 1,500 kilometers (930 miles), as the crow flies. Travel here, however, is never in a straight line, instead ships follow meandering paths along the many fjords and channels.

Day 26 | Cruising Chilean Fjords
The area is known for its desolate beauty and not surprisingly it's home to many of Chile's national parks, including Alerce Andino, Hornopiren and Vicente Perez Rosales, as well as the Llanquihue National Reserve and the Cochamo Valley. Early Spanish explorers came here in search of the mythical City of the Caesars, whose people were believed to be rich in gold and diamonds. Though the city was never found, the explorers added much to the world's navigational knowledge and at the same time established shipping routes that have been used ever since. Similarly, the riches that travelers to the region today discover are measured not in ounces or carats but in gasps of wonder at the stunning scenery of this windswept, dramatic land and its unusual animal residents.

Day 27 | Puerto Montt, Chile | 8am - 5pm
Puerto Montt, the capital of the Los Lagos region of Chile, is often called the gateway to the country's glacial lakes, volcanic landscapes and surrounding national parks. The port is also home to an over-100-year-old German settlement as well as to indigenous communities of Mapuche people. From a stroll around Puerto Varas overlooking Lake Llanquihue, one of Chile's largest lakes, to a meal in the fishing village of Angelmò of the practically still-snapping catch of the day, washed down with a traditional German-style white wine, Puerto Montt is a fascinating introduction to southern Chile and the people who make their home in one of the world's most photogenic landscapes.

Day 28 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 29 | San Antonio (Santiago), Chile | 6am - 5pm
This large, modern port serves Chile's capital, Santiago, a city with Spanish colonial charm and a vivacious spirit. Encircled by the Andes and the Coastal Range, Santiago is centered around the Plaza de Armas, with several of the city's landmarks: the 18th-century Metropolitan Cathedral the Palacio de la Real Audencia from 1808, the City Hall and the National Museum of History. North of San Antonio lie the picturesque old port and university town of Valparaiso and the colorful seaside resort of Viña del Mar. In between the coast and the capital are valleys filled with some of Chile's most famous wineries, all inviting you to come and taste.

Day 30 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 31 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 32 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 33 | Callo (Lima), Peru | 6am - 11pm
Lima is a booming energetic metropolis built on ancient foundations millennia in the making. Strikingly preserved pre-Columbian ruins sit defiantly among modern skyscrapers, a cultural potpourri of world-class museums, sun-toasted beaches beautifully illuminated by nightly sunsets and one of the most exciting and dynamic culinary landscapes in the world. Lima is a tale of two cities. Colonial charms abound in the city's historic center, where impressive plazas including the cinematic 16th‐century Plaza de Armas, the handiwork of Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro are overseen by Baroque and neoclassical cathedrals, palaces, monasteries and remnants of ancient city walls. But a different Lima emerges in the cliff-hugging seaside barrios of Miraflores and Barranco. Miraflores, Lima's modern face, is a bustling enclave of chic restaurants, bars and nightlife, and Barranco is a bohemian resort commune flush with grand casonas converted into atmospheric hotels and eateries. One of the city's allures is navigating between the old and the new.

Day 34 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 35 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 36 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 37 | Puerto Caldera (Puntarenas), Costa Rica | 7am - 5pm
One of the stops along the Panama Canal Zone route, Puerto Caldera on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast isn't your ordinary port of call, positioned as it is within easy day-trip distance of the country's multiple national parks. The town itself is small, but makes for an ideal base from which travelers can venture out to explore the variety of this Central American country's outdoor attractions and activities. These include snapping photos of gushing waterfalls (and swimming at the base of one, if you bring your swimsuit!), sightseeing near active volcanoes, bird-watching in nature reserves and sanctuaries and horseback riding on Pacific beaches . . . and that's just for starters.Puerto Caldera is the perfect reminder that adventure often awaits just around the bend.

Day 38 | Corinto, Nicaragua | 10am - 6pm
As a travel destination, Nicaragua still remains below the radar for many Americans, despite a recent surge of media interest in this Central American country. One of the region's most politically and socially stable nations, Nicaragua has been billed as the next great spot for eco-, cultural and culinary tourism. The country&apso;s most visited cities are Managua (the capital), Granada and Leòn; the latter sits near the Pacific Coast. Corinto is the nearest port town, just northwest of Leòn and along the route to the Panama Canal Zone. It offers many of the charms of the larger cities, including their colonial-era architecture, as well as a number of cultural and ecological attractions in surrounding areas. Given the port's proximity to Leòn, it's easy for cruise passengers to take a day trip to this beautiful city established by Spanish conquistadores in 1524.

Day 39 | Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala | 8am - 6pm
Puerto Quetzal is Guatemala's largest port on the Pacific Ocean side of this Central American country. Puerto Quetzal is an ideal point of departure for exploring several corners of the country. Choose your mode of transportation plane, bus, car or boat and decide whether you want to take in Guatemala's stunning, volcano‐studded landscape, one (or more!) of the country's Maya sites, the UNESCO‐recognized colonial city of Antigua (the former capital), a coffee plantation or one of the many beguiling bodies of water. In addition to the gleaming Pacific, there's Lake Atitlàn, which 19th-century German explorer Alexander von Humboldt described as the most beautiful lake in the world. All of these attractions are accessible as day trips, and getting to them is all part of your Guatemalan adventure.

Day 40 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 41 | Cruising - DAY AT SEAA

Day 42 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | 7am - 6pm
Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific Ocean, retains quite a bit of its colonial‐era charm. Its town square, Plaza de Armas, and the gorgeous parish church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, topped with an ornate crown and overlooking the port, serve as the loveliest representations of bygone ages. Alongside these echoes of the past are more modern attractions, including an ambitious public art project along the seaside walkway (the malecòn) and trendy restaurants such as La Leche, serving contemporary Mexican cuisine. Round these out with plenty of fun‐in‐the‐sun outdoor activities on and along Banderas Bay (whale-watching! snorkeling! jet‐skiing!), excursions that reveal the best of Puerto Vallarta's flora and fauna, and a side trip to one of Mexico's pueblos màgicos (magical towns, a designation conferred by the government to recognize smaller towns that possess historical and cultural value).

Day 43 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 44 | Cruising - DAY AT SEA

Day 45 | San Diego, CA
Your wonderful MS Koningsdam South America Circumnavigation comes to an end in San Diego. San Diego is known for for many things and you may want to stay extra time here. If you didn't stay overnight in Ft Lauderdale pre-cruise, then your package includes 1-night when you disembark with 2 & 3-night options available. Discover its beaches, incredible climate, Balboa Park, and world renowned San Diego Zoo. There are many neighborhoods with numerous art galleries, artist studios, museums and gardens as well as the Gaslamp Quarter, a lively downtown neighborhood, known for its restaurants & nightlife. For those not staying overnight, upon disembarkation, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight home.



$3,999 package rate for an Inside Cat L Stateroom
$4,899 package rate for an Oceanview Category F Stateroom
$5,999 package rate for a Balcony Category VD Stateroom
$6,399 package rate for a Balcony Category VB Stateroom
$9,799 package rate for a Suite Category B Stateroom
Government taxes & fees of $595.00 are additional.
Discounted Airfare from $79
Additional Pre-Post nights from $125
4-night Machu Picchu Overland Tour from ship - price pending

All rates are based on double occupancy. Single supplement & 3rd/4th person sharing a room rates available upon request.

Rates are valid for: March 15, 2020 departure

Rates were valid on August 15, 2019 and are subject to change

PAYMENTS: $1,500pp deposit due upon booking. If there are any additional airfare charges or any Travel Protection supplements they must be paid at time of deposit.
Final payment due on 10/15/19. e-Documents issued approximately 45 days prior to departure

CANCELLATION PENALTIES: Cruise Tour Deposit and Final Payment are non-refundable. We highly recommend upgrading your post departure insurance to Full coverage protection and even possibly Cancel for Any Reason protection. Ask your agent for cost & protection details.

This is one of the GREAT travel experiences of the world at a VALUE that cannot be beat. You travel a complete circumnavigation around South America. This Cruise Tour is the ABSOLUTE BEST VALUE for a first-class experience. This is the ONLY 2020 departure so we recommend you act fast!


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HOLLAND AMERICA KONINGSDAM, the newest class of ship for Holland America!
Special 44-night cruise aboard KONINGSDAM sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, AROUND SOUTH AMERICA to San Diego.

1-nt pre or post cruise First Class 4-star reviewed Hotel including taxes. Resort Fees, usually NOT assessed, may be collected at the Hotel at additional cost
Ft Lauderdale pre Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn, Comfort Suites or similar
San Diego post Hotel: Wyndham Harbor Lights or similar

Full Breakfasts at Hotel included.

Optional tours, possibly including a Machu Picchu 4-night Overland Tour, will be available by 10/1/2019.

There are some things that are not possible to include. Items of a personal nature (like meals not mentioned, beverages, shopping, gratuities and the like) are NOT included in your price. Also travel components (like currency conversion, air departures taxes departing a foreign country, local taxes and on‐site resort fees in some cities that can't be prepaid, VISA's, passport application, airline baggage fees and the like) are NOT included in your price.